Mo Pai Nei Kung

In 1988, two brothers by the name of Lorne and Lawrence Blair produced the award-winning documentary Ring Of Fire. In it, we see an Indonesian man who is able to do incredible things with some form of energy generated within his own body. He is able to produce an electric touch, and even set a newspaper on fire using only his hands. He was given the pseudonym "Dynamo Jack" so as keep his real name private. "John Chang" is another pseudonym that he is known by.

After the documentary was released, this man and his amazing abilities caught the interest of many people in the west. Jim McMillan & Kostas Dervenis were among the few westerners who were able to find John Chang and actually become students of the school. Jim McMillan published a book in 2011 entitled Seeking the Master of Mo Pai. He practiced for almost 20 years and reached a higher level than any another western student. Kostas Dervenis (A.K.A. Kosta Danaos) became a student after Jim and wrote two books entitled The Magus of Java and Neikung.

In 1997, Lawrence Blair returned to Java with three scientists (Catherine Cooke, Roger Nilson, & Gregory V. Simpson) to test whether or not John Chang's abilities were real and what sort of energy might be at work if trickery could be ruled out. This event was filmed by Dr. Blair and was featured in episode one of the documentary series Myths, Magic, & Monsters. The researchers stripped John Chang to a shirt and underwear and checked him with a metal detector to ensure that no metal devices were in use. John demonstrated his abilities and allowed the researches to observe the effects first hand. To make sure that John didn't have some sort of tricky setup on his property that could account for his abilities, the researchers insisted on going to a random hotel room and testing his abilities there. Once they arrived, John was able to use this energy to light small LED bulbs with his fingers while another person provided a ground. The researchers were able to verify that trickery was not at play.

In February 2020, John Chang passed away. Currently, the school is not able to accept western students. However, the first few levels (1, 2a, and 2b) of the training have been made available to all who are interested. The Mo Pai community here in the west is full of misinformation, scam artists, lies, and confusion so this site has been developed to try and help anyone who is interested in seriously pursuing this practice.

We will NEVER charge anyone a single dime for ANYTHING. If you are EVER asked for money in exchange for training information then you are almost certainly being scammed and will only be provided with false information. This is especially true if you are asked for "donations" so they can send them to a "charity" on your behalf.

For anyone who is serious about this, we are here to help you completely free of charge. I was one of Jim McMillan's first students from 2006 and the information provided here has been passed down directly from him. We have not altered or changed this information in any way and do not claim to be authorities on the subject. We are only here to share what was taught and explained by Jim & Kostas who learned directly from John Chang.

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